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Camera Interface Module (CIM)

The CIM provides a multi-channel analogue and digital video input capability for systems based on Xilinx FPGAs, using RocketIO™ multi-Gigabit serial links. It was designed and built for a UK defence sector customer and has been successfully used in several systems.

Technical summary:

1. Provides an interfacing capability for a range of video sources into optical multi-Gigabit/s Xilinx RocketIO links.

2. Incorporates RS232/422 serial links, logical discrete outputs and analogue switching capabilities to control a range of cameras.

3. Simultaneously supports 3 analogue CCIR standard definition video inputs and LVDS parallel digital video input.

Further technical information is available here.

CIM daughterboards

In order to support proprietary camera data formats, several daughterboards have been made which connect to the LVDS interface on the CIM.